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The Tongue of Fire pt. 2

As I read through the second chapter of Tongue of Fire, I gain even more appreciation for the faithfulness of the disciples in those tenuous days between the ascension of Jesus and the fulfillment of the Holy Spirit. Arthur does an amazing job of imagining the stresses of the mounting anticipation in waiting for such a gift as the Holy Spirit. What happens when you hear that something great will come to be in your life? Very eagerly, we check the mail box, talk about the possibilities with our friends, daydream, and generally drive ourselves nuts with anticipation. Imagine the emotional rollercoaster...
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The Tongue of Fire – Chapter 1 Review

William Arthur wrote a powerful piece of Spirit filled literature published in 1900 called The Tongue of Fire: The True Power of Christianity. He called the church to remember the great gift of Jesus for the disciples who followed Him and those who would come after them and to us today…that gift, the Holy Spirit. The meditations I offer from the reading of his work clearly represent my own attempt to fix my thoughts on things that are true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and admirable. As many others have in this season, I instead have feasted on a steady and unhealthy diet of politics. It is...
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Following the Light of Glory

The following appeared in the Christmas edition of the local paper, The Franklin Sun. I was asked to share the Christmas message with the community this year. I pray you find it a blessing. It seems that no matter where one picks up the story, the Christian faith can be found in various phases of movement as either God moves to call the people into a new place or the people respond to follow God. The story of the birth of Christ, more than any, represents this constant relocation of God and his people. The Holy Spirit moves to bring the blessing of the Christ child to Mary. Angels moved to deliver the...
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Have We Traded Our Humanity for Protection?

Over the days following the terrorist attacks in Paris, I have felt the same concerns, fears even, regarding the welcoming of thousands of Syrian refugees. Who can deny that this diaspora could include several of our enemies determined to shed blood within our borders?! Yet, our fear should not be what drives us…at least not those of us who follow Jesus. The rhetoric from those who oppose welcoming the refugees has been alarming. For generations, we have been a nation who has poured billions of our dollars into other nations as well as offered thousands of our sons and daughters lives around the...
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Salvation is Sloppy 1

Two Outlook Shifts to Help Established Churches Experience Change Here is something to test your local church culture for if you are interested in being a part of another persons story of faith: Suggest changes to either your worship setting, time, or structure. If you find much resistance or you even see people’s heads spin around and vomit green pea soup, you may want to keep reading. Chances are, you are part of a small church…200 or less in worship on Sunday. Statistically, most of the churches in the US are small churches and half the churches have less than 75 people on a Sunday. (A great...
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