Meditations & Reflections

For God alone my soul waits in silence. Psalm 82:1 Spend 6-7 minutes just repeating this simple prayer while allowing your spirit to listen for voice of God. Are you waiting in silence? Have you cleared your mind and spirit of all other concerns? Share with the community your progress as you wait for God.

Look around and check out some of the reminders from scripture (like the one above) of how the Holy Spirit moves to bring us closer to the Creator. Also, I try to include some of the current prayer needs of the church worldwide. We are a people who have much to be in prayer about. If you are an intercessor or feel called to intercessory prayer, I would very much appreciate you reaching out to me so that I can share with you specifically.for God alone - trees

Share with the community your favorite passages from Scripture by sending a quick note to me. I will be happy to let everyone know who helped that good word come to light.